Our Story

Hey there. We’re Taylor and Zach, founders of Helmm. We’re glad to have you join our community. 


A few years ago, we graduated from Duke University and moved to New York to pursue corporate careers in finance and law. Given the demanding nature of these careers, we often found ourselves in situations where we’d be running late for work, always in a rush to get dressed and apply our deodorant. Too often, we’d realize our stock had run out, or we’d have the deodorant crumbling out of the container when we tried to put it on. 

One day, we found ourselves standing in the pharmacy, staring at a wall of homogenous deodorants. It dawned on us: the only thing worse than going to the store to buy deodorant is wearing store-bought deodorant. We were tired of using products that categorized us into stereotypes, or tried to tell us what type of guy we were. We didn’t need a deodorant to make us feel safe, successful, or confident, and we were tired of the functional shortcomings of leading brands.

We created Helmm to offer guys like us an upgrade on the deodorant we’ve all been wearing since childhood. Overpowering spray might have worked to impress girls at the middle-school dance, but we realized that in our newfound adulthood we needed something better.

Helmm is the first refillable deodorant designed for you, the modern man. At Helmm, we built a product that allows you to express yourself – one that allows you to be you, whatever that means. Designed with pragmatic functionality and expert craftsmanship, Helmm upgrades the entire deodorant experience – from purchase to application – and brings innovative upgrades right to your doorstep. 

Never sweat who you are. We don’t.

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